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About Induction Heating

Power supply for induction heating

Norax Canada Inc. is a manufacturer of customized Resonant Switched Mode Induction Power Supplies for industrial and research applications. Thanks to our patented technology, we are able to operate and use power transistors at higher frequencies while reducing switching losses drastically. This enables us to use less components, make the systems compact, light in weight and highly reliable with competitive price.

The induction heating series, INPxxx-yyy*, can provide power from 1 to 300 kW and above. The power can be controlled gradually from 5 to 100%, either manually or through a remote signal 4-20mA. For short-term operations tap water can be used for cooling the power components and induction coil. For continious operation, a wide range of closed loop water to air heat exchangers are available. All auxiliary functions such as inter-lock, ON/OFF remote, power control, etc. are custom designed depending on the applications.

All power supplies are equipped with intelligent circuit which monitors phase-changes in the load: magnetic transformation at Curie temperature, weight, electrical properties, etc., and accordingly controls the proper operation.

The generators are protected against coil short circuiting, voltage transients, and power failure. The working frequency of the units is programmed during manufacturing and can be between 5- 500 kHz. Higher or lower frequencies might also be manufactured for special applications.

INPxxx-yyy : xxx = kW, yyy = Frequency ( kHz )

Technical Specifications
  1. Output power 1-300 kW and more
  2. Working frequency 5-500 kHz
  3. Main supply voltage 3 phase, 208-600V, 50-60Hz
  4. Power regulation manual/ remote/ adaptable to any control system
  5. Inverter efficiency > 95%
  6. Limited warranty 1 year
  7. Delivery time and installation 4-8 weeks
  8. Built according CSA norms and certified individually