Norax Canada manufactures induction coils for different applications and projects. The coils are designed, matched and manufactured to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and coupling to the load and the power supply.

Induction coils can be made in different forms, shapes and sizes. They can even be combined with field concentrators to enhance heating characteristics. Some examples of coils and applications are listed below.

Technical specifications

Coil Description Applications
Solenoid or cylindrical coil Equal spacing between the turns which results in different temperature in the middle of the coil Melting, heating, etc.
Isothermal coil Turns with different density in the middle of the coil Uniform heating for tensile test, semi-solid molding, etc.
Temperature profiling The density of the turns is higher where higher temperature is required, conical shape coils can also be used Hot runner, crystal growth, etc.
Open coil This shape allows a portion of the load pass through the coil Brazing, edge heat treatment, etc.
Pie-plate coil The coil is flat-spiral and the load is placed or passed through the centre of the coil High current density for zone melting, spot heating, etc.
Pancake coil Same as above, but the load is placed over the flat surface of the coil Flat surfaces, hot plate, etc.
Levitation coil Conical shape coil with additional reverse turn on the top Containerless high temperature melting of small samples, etc.
Cold crucible - Containerless high temperature melting of large quantity, ex. : titanium casting, etc.