Heat Exchangers

Closed loop water to air


Norax Canada water-cooled power supplies and induction coils require a heat exchanging mechanism to remove heat from the cooling water. It is recommended to use a closed loop water-to-air heat exchanger with proper rating for continuous operation. The dissipation rating of the heat exchanger depends on the power level of the generator, the efficiency of the coil and the surrounding environment.

Technical specifications

Water Flow: 1 - 10 GPM
Pressure: 40 - 60 PSI
Input Voltage: 120 - 240 volts, 50-60 Hz

Heat dissipation:
10,000 BTU/Hr for 10 kW system up to 500,000 BTU/Hr for 300 kW system *

*This includes power losses in the generator as well as in the coil with 70% efficiency